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Why does everyone hate teh KK D:

2008-12-24 14:47:12 by Pootato

we r nice and make funneh flashes
and are very hawt

also heres a picture because posts w/o pictures are lame

Why does everyone hate teh KK D:


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2008-12-24 14:51:37

I agree. No GOOD pictures=lame :(

Pootato responds:

haha it seems as though your post doesn't have a picture :3


2008-12-24 21:04:01

i dont hate the kk.

Pootato responds:



2008-12-25 00:26:19

It's just that you guys are epic failures.
You try to act funny and clever, but you fail epicly.

Pootato responds:

hush child


2009-01-02 10:17:52

The KK WAS good, back in the good old days of 2006 when I was a member, then loads of assholes whom no-one liked joined.


2009-02-07 16:59:06

Some of the KK flashes were funny but they're dead now